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Google Now Beats Siri and Cortana

google now

In a head-to-head quiz, Google Now crushes Siri and Cortana


Funniest Tweets of the Week from Women Are Actually Funny


Each week the Huffington Post takes the time to scour twitter for the funniest content posted by a woman.  Despite the tongue in cheek attempt to highlight the often times frustrating tasks women face in their every day lives and showcase the many times overlooked comedic talents of women, some people have taken to bashing the Huffington Post column.

why im single

Critics are saying that the weekly article somehow creates a dangerous stereotype and does not do the women being featured any favors.  Its important to remember that going out of the way to feature the creative talents of women makes it more acceptable for women to be seen as creative and talented.  Female comediannes have a difficult enough time getting their name recognized, and the efforts of these women should be applauded for leveraging social media to publicize their craft.

Should Employees Use Social Media at Work?

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In every business environment, the question of whether or not not allow employees to engage in social media during business hours always arises.  The concept of productivity and keeping individuals engaged in business related tasks while on the job would seem to conflict with an individual’s need to stay connected.  However, savvy businesses CAN find ways to leverage their workforce to increase their brand value across a number of social media platforms.  Keeping employees happy and driving traffic to the company’s brand messaging can be accomplished by creating a culture of engagement.

Start by focusing on employee amplification – designating employees to interact with company social media avenues while working has the potential to drive hits and shares of your content.  The first step in this process is understanding that an increase in engagement has the potential to significantly affect your bottom line.

Create a clear social media policy – Key stakeholders should examine the current engagement level, and set targets for what they would like to see.  Identify individual employees and specific roles with the ability to create a positive influence on brand dispersal.  This information should be used to develop and roll out a clear social media policy.  it is important for employees to understand the strategy, and rules behind what it is that their employeer is expecting them to do. The policy should be easy to understand and readily available to any employee expected to engage.

Training, Training, Training – you are expecting employees to retweet particular messaging, let them know when and how often.  If you want them to engage with users, enable them to do so.  Make sure that they not only understand the mechanics of social media and the different ways to operate within each platform, but also make sure that they understand the why behind social media engagement.  This will probably be a huge culture shift for much of your workforce, but over time, it will enable greater ROI.

Let your people sell your brand – The biggest mistake that many businesses make when engaging in social media is that their corporate tone does not comer across as authentic.  The marketing manager is sharing the company line, and it is apparent that the verbiage has been tested by legal and the PR team.  Your biggest way to avoid that is your employee advocates.  A good corporate culture not only helps retention, but satisfied employees become your best brand ambassadors.  Let the natural enthusiasm of your workforce work for you across social media.  Don’t feed them soundbites, inspire them with ideas, and watch their engagement grow!

How to let your employees use social media at work without losing their focus

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