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AbahooCom LinkedIn is bei…

AbahooCom LinkedIn is being sued for making it too easy to use your former co-workers as … – Quartz

Tweet from Abahoo (@AbahooCom)


Google Now Beats Siri and Cortana

google now

In a head-to-head quiz, Google Now crushes Siri and Cortana

The Difference Between Social and Web Analytics| Loginradius

Social Media Analytics Guide

10 Books You Must Read if You Loved Gone Girl

18 Wedding Ideas That Will Only Appeal To The Most Awesome Of Couples

Why Is Nate Silver So Afraid of Sam Wang?

Cover Stories

6 Abandoned Asylums That Look Like Something Out Of a Horror Movie

New Post

You gave me a box of
beautiful pearls,

So I could use them
to acquire the life that I wanted

But steadily I
traded them away to every man I thought I loved

Now the box is full
of nothing but multicolored gems

And I am no longer
worth enough to deserve you.



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Entertainment, News and Lifestyle for African Americans

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In Social Media, its all about the Context of the Content

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In Social Media, its all about the Context of the Content

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