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Sleep’s Best-Kept Secret: A Treatment for Insomnia That’s Not a Pill


Power Practical PowerPot V

Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ranked: From Worst to Best Pictures – 23. New Kids on the Block 1991 | Rolling Stone

21 How It’s Made GIFs Bound To Blow Your Mind

Kids Weigh In On Five Obsolete Technologies

Funny Video Puts a Slightly Creepy Spin on Asking Someone to ‘Take’ Your Picture

‘Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?’

How many of these did you have as a child? I remember Dynamite magazine, Malibu Barbie (and Malibu Skipper), Little People, and Weebles…

The Amazing British Video That Explains American Football

Love Never Dies

Republicans Can’t Remember the World Before Obama – The Daily Beast

Black America Web

Daily news and entertainment for African-Americans. Your one stop for all things Black America.

The Little Lifestyle Blog

Cruelty Free Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Health


a whole lot of thoughts, feelings and ideas

this is... The Neighborhood

the Story within the Story


A great site

The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories

In Social Media, its all about the Context of the Content


Prattle from author Lucy Blue

Social Media News, Technology and Marketing Tips


There are no antibiotics for sarcastic inflections


Beauty - Hauls - Reviews - Youtube


This site is the cat’s pajamas

National Geographic Education Blog

Bring the spirit of exploration to your classroom

Gotta Find a Home

Conversations with Street People

The Seeker's Dungeon

Troubling the Surf with the Ocean


Just another site


In Social Media, its all about the Context of the Content


Short stories, six word stories, writing tips, blogging tips, book reviews, and mystery.

stillness of heart


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