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Making sense of Google’s high Galaxy S4 price tag

Making sense of Google’s high Galaxy S4 price tag –

I was streaming Google I/O this week and saw the crowd cheer as the Google version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced, only to see them groan when the $649 price was announced.  This is a very interesting article that makes a great point.  Many high end smartphones such as the HTC One or Apple iPhone have similar costs. However, my Nexus 4 (which I am incidentally using to post this story with) only cost me $349 plus shipping.  I have used my Nexus 4 side by side with a Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5, and i haven’t really seen a difference that would make me consider doubling the price I paid for a high-end smartphone.  Now I am sure that Apple enthusiasts prefer their products, I l live with one of them.  But, my main question, which is also raised in this article, is does a smartphone really need to cost over $600?  Why is it that Google can offer a comparable experience for almost half the price? Even if one were to factor in the lack of LTE service availability on the Nexus 4, the cost is still downright thrifty.

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