US defends intelligence sweep as same as allies – Businessweek

I am concerned, very concerned that the reason that the U.S. government is so concerned about the disclosures Snowden has made, and the data he has access to may have more to do with concerns over the perception of our allies that we were spying on them as well, rather than the fact that terrorists now know we spy on them.  While I’m not involved in any aspect of intelligence or counter intelligence, common sense seems to dictate that if you don’t want someone to know something, you would attempt to make that information difficult to access.  Anyone who downloaded or shared music files 10 or so years ago (or who has been warned by the RIAA) are already aware that the FBI can monitor your online activities.  Internet savvy individuals should not be surprised that the government is aware of what we do and say on the internet.  There are only too many indications that they already are.  One would expect a savvy individual intent on harming the U.S. to be aware of this, and make other communication arrangements (or, maybe I’m giving them to much credit, I mean, kids are still getting in trouble for posting videos of their crimes on Facebook).

Whether we like them directly accessing our information in a manner inconsistent with the user agreements that few of us actually read before clicking “I Agree” is another matter entirely.  However, I’m not really sure that this disclosure is worth an otherwise patriotic American hiding out in Russia.  So, just what does Snowden have that frightens them so much?  I would think that the potential loss of Allies who support the U.S. in the United Nations (and in many other international capacities) might be worthy of the game of keep-away currently being played on the international stage.  Embarrassing our friends by letting them know that we are checking up on them too, is almost as bad as how embarrassing it is for us to have them find out that we are doing it.  Who knows what else Snowden has access to?  Wait, I know that one…Snowden, the U.S. government, possibly China, and probably Russia as well.


About Maggie Morona

Maggie is the author of original content and the curator of linked content at Psyntax. She is an undergraduate student at Florida Tech. While studying Applied Psychology, she began to see how handy understanding Psychology could be when working with Social Media, and began sharing content linking the two together. She has been blogging for 2 years, and also works as a website and social media evaluator.

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