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Thanks for bringing up sleep and the domino effect that not getting enough of it has on caffeine use/over-use. You know, I really think that education is the key. I have also read about the study done on blue light and it’s effect on your sleep patterns. I saw it on the Huffington Postwhile I was checking Pulse for my daily news fix. It was such a wake-up (no pun intended) call to me, because my laptop and television both have blue lights, and both are in the bedroom with me. There was a time when I could not understand why I was always tired throughout the day, and after I read about this study, it made a lot more sense. We began unplugging the T.V. to put out the blue inactive light. I also no longer allow my laptop to go to sleep with the top open, as this caused the blue hard drive light to flicker all night. Now when I close the top, the light goes out soon after. I actually noticed that I was getting better sleep after making these changes to my sleeping environment.

I generally think that there are so many helpful studies going on that result in helpful information, but I’m not always sure that information is getting to the general public. I would be silly if I were to assume that there weren’t a large number of people in this country who are sleeping under the same conditions that I was, and have no idea why they don’t wake up feeling rested. Blue lights can definitely begin that cycle of needing increasing amounts of caffeine throughout the day. If we can find a way to make many of these important scientific studies more accessible to the general public, I’m sure that they will have a positive impact on society.

Maggie Morona


Huffington Post (2013, September 5). Tablet light may affect sleep by suppressing melatonin. Retrieved from

Edited on Sunday, April 14, 2013 – 7:52 PM

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Maggie is the author of original content and the curator of linked content at Psyntax. She is an undergraduate student at Florida Tech. While studying Applied Psychology, she began to see how handy understanding Psychology could be when working with Social Media, and began sharing content linking the two together. She has been blogging for 2 years, and also works as a website and social media evaluator.

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