Pat Robertson Tells Betrayed Wife: Take Better Care of Your Man

Pat Robertson Tells Betrayed Wife: Take Better Care of Your Man –

Pat Robertson gives a clear example of what it takes to keep a man.. maybe men who think like this need a better explanation of the meaning of commitment.  Has he really forgotten that most women in America share in the provision of food, home, clothing, and childcare?  Has he not seen the plethora of sitcoms where the wife was significantly more attractive than her onscreen husband (think Courtenay Thorne-Smith and just about anyone the networks asked us to buy that she married or dated the last 15 years)?  Excusing cheating because a man provides you with a house, clothes, food and he plays catch on the weekend with the kids is probably not a good idea, nor is telling a woman that he’s a man, and you should make sure you are attractive enough to keep his eyes from wandering.  You know, sometimes my grandpa says ridiculous things too, but I don’t generally allow them to be broadcast outside of the family.  Next time a woman asks for your advice when she is so vulnerable, maybe you could encourage the couple to seek counseling from a professional, licensed or certified counselor or family psychologist.  Talk to her about building trust, expressing remorse, and developing communication skills. These tactics just might result in a better outcome for all involved.


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