‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Josh Malina on the Mole’s Shocking Reveal(s)



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  1. i think it was quiet sneeky for them to make billy and david the mole…its not a good thing because liv and the team of gladiators are gonna make them pay now and for david to make them all think he was on there side was just to good to be true…he is a snake and i hope that abby when she finds out she gets david where it hurts his heart with a big knife or gun,…he is a slime ball and doesnt deserve her at all…her feelings are coming back and he fed her to the wolfs…..David should be ashamed of himself and Kerry was right i bet everyone had there mouth hit the floor when it was revealed…..now for the finale….i hope nothing happens to Liv or Fitz but the Jake thing well is about to get ugly once Fitz finds out and i think he will snap on Fitz…..till next thursday cant wait.

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